1. Huntsville

Huntsville is the largest town in the Muskoka Region of Ontario, Canada. Located 215 km from Toronto, 130 km from North Bay and 350 km from Ottawa, Huntsville is the Gateway Community to Algonquin Provincial Park...[read more]

2. Novar

Novar Ontario is the southern gateway to the beautiful Almaguin Highlands. The small towns of Emsdale and Novar boasts one the Highland's and Ontario's greatest natural attractions...[read more]

3. Emsdale

Emsdale Ontario, along with the other small town of Novar, boast one the Highlands and Ontario's greatest natural attractions; Brooks Falls, which is perhaps the greatest example of an untouched wilderness waterfall...[read more]

4. Kearney

This "Biggest Little Town" is known around the world for the ‘Kearney Dog Sled Races’ in February and the famous ‘Kearney Regatta’, in August. The town is also a convenient jumping- off point for visitors to Algonquin Park...[read more]

5. Katrine

In a Township that offers its visitors 3,200 square km of lakes, rivers, massive pine and maple trees...[read more]

6. Burk's Falls

The Village of Burks Falls Ontario, along with the adjoining municipalities of Ryerson and Armour, can best be described by four words... "A playground of adventure"...[read more]

7. Sprucedale

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8. Magnetawan

Magnetawan Ontario is a historic village located on the beautiful Magnetawan River. It was aptly named by the Algonquin natives, ’Swiftly flowing River’...[read more]